One mogu sve

They can do Everything - Project is affirmative media campaign with the goals of raising awareness about possibilities and achievements women and girls with disabilities with emphasis on affirmation of rights and empowering their social position. The campaign consists of production and broadcasting the educational TV clip through which we show examples of success of women and girls with disabilities. The TV clip is affirmative, to grad as much
attention from the viewers and to induce them to discuss and to act. Project objectives: to point to the fact that women with disabilities are important and full acting members of society; to ensure the level of awareness that will enable women with disabilities to realize their rights and to participate in everyday life of the community as a whole, active members of society; raising awareness about the negativities of double discrimination women with disabilities.Target groups: women and girls with disabilities; broad public. Project activities: creating and writing the script and the slogan for the campaign; TV clip production, securing the broadcast time for the TV clip broadcasting.