Some other stories

Director: Ivona Juka (Croatian story), Ana Maria Rossi (Serbian story), Ines Tanović (Bosnian story), Marija Džidževa (Macedonian story), Hanna Slak (Slovenian story)

Screenplay: Ivona Juka (HR), Ana Maria Rossi (RS), Ines Tanović (BA), Gjorche Stavreski (MK), Hanna Slak (SI)

Producer: Anita Juka, 4Film (HR), Dunja Klemenc, Studio Maj (SI), Nenad Dukić, SEE Film Pro (RS), Tomi Salkovski, Skopje Film Studio (MK), Alem Babić, Dokument (BA), Ian W. Davis, Octagon Film, DIG Productions (IE)


Director of photography: Mario Oljača (HR), Radoslav Vladić (RS), Erol Zubčević (BA), Dejan Dimeski (MK), Sven Pepeonik (SI)

Editor: Ivor Ivezić (HR), Andrija Zafranović, Mateja Rackov (RS), Nijaz Kožljak (BA), Igor Andreevski (MK), Hanna Slak (SI)

Music: Brian Crosby (IE), Vlada Divljan (RS)

Cast: Nera Stipičević, Goran Bogdan (HR) | Nataša Ninković, Sergej Trifunović (RS) | Feđa Štukan, Nina Violić (BA) | Iva Zendelska (MK) | Lucija Šerbedžija (SI)

Lenght: 114 min

Screen Ratio: 1:1.8585

Sound: Dolby Digital

Language: Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Serbian, Macedonian, English

Genre: Omnibus

About the movie:

Real life is not just made of our plans for happiness, but precisely the things that oppose to our plans and intentions. Things that happen by accident, completely unpredictable and sometimes causing disappointment and pain. Besides pregnancy and anticipation of a new life, these stories are linked by coincidental events that violate the plans and change lives. These are the stories of love and hope, revenge, sacrifice, defiance, the system, and we find their characters already in „some other stories“, bringing a different perspective.

International anthology film „Some Other Stories“, consisting of five short films directed by Ivona Juka (Zagreb), Ines Tanovic (Sarajevo), Hanna W. Slak (Ljubljana), Maria Dzidzeva (Skopje) and Anamaria Rossi (Belgrade).

Through realisation of an anthology film that consists of five short films, directed by five women directors from five different countries – Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYROM, we made a creative co-production in which five women directors from five different countries jointly made a film. The film’s title ”Some Other Stories” reflects our goal to speak about new world and new beginnings in the region where three religions encounter as well as 5 nations that were recently in war. We have therefore selected the common motive for all the five stories – pregnancy – as a symbol of a new life.

Film has support of the Eurimages, Goteborg Film Fund, Irish film Board, all national film funds from five participating countries and of five national televisions.





Goteborg  Intl. Film Fest., January 2010

Warsaw International Film Festival – October 2010.

Montreal World Film Festival – August 2010.

Valladolid Film Festival – October 2010.

Cairo International Film Festival – December 2010

Mannheim-Heidelberg Intl. Film fest (Art of Cinema), November 2010

Kerala Intl Film Festival

Sarajevo Intl. Film Festival

Taormina Intl. Film Festival

Pula Intl. Film Festival

Athens European Film Festival

Montpellier, Mediterrenian Film Festival

Motovun Intl. Film Festival

Carthage,  Intl. Film Festival

Cinema City Novi Sad

Sopot Film Festival

Palić European Film Festival

Herceg Novi Intl. Film Festival

Vrnjačka Banja Film Festival of screenplays

Niš Film Festival on Acting

Durres Intl. Film Festival

Mostar National Film Festival

Mojkovac Film Festival

Portorož Film Festival

Bitola Film Festival of DoP

Sidney-Melburn-Pert, Fest. of New Serbian Film