Director: Maksym Nakonechnyi

Screenplay: Maksym Nakonechny, Iryna Tsilyk

Producer: Darya Bassel (Tabor Production), Anita Juka (4 film), Dagmar Sedlačkova (MasterFilm), Mario Adamson (Sisyfos Film)


Director of photography: Khrystyna Lyzohub

Editor: Ivor Ivezić

Music: Džian Baban

Cast: Rita Burkovska, Lubomir Valivots, Myroslava Vytrykhovska-Makar, Natalia Vorozhbyt, Myroslav Hai, Dmytro Lozovsky, Kateryna Prymak, Daria Lorenci Flatz, Edvin Liverić Bassani


Screen Ratio: 1:1.85


Language: Ukrajinski, Engleski

Genre: Drama

About the movie:

A female drone operator is exchanged after two months of capture, but when she gets back home, she finds out that she is pregnant by the warden who raped her. Will she manage to save herself and the child, while living in a society that is not ready to accept both of them? And what price should she pay for that salvation?