From Foster to Prosper!

The project “From Foster to Prosper!” is a project that forms networking and transnational cooperation of 5 CSOs from 4 different countries who are experts in media and raising public awareness about important issue of civil society: social cohesion, Human rights and development of social inclusive societies. Through this project Government officials and public bodies in charge for employment policies will be encouraged to recognize young people as future acting and decision making individuals with unlimited possibilities to actively contribute to society.
Overall objective of the project is to ensure active social inclusion of young people from foster homes by promoting participation in the labor market and to promote social cohesion and equal opportunities of all young people through adequate efficient social protection systems and
social inclusion policies. Specific objectives of the project proposed are: to provide innovative answers to social needs and to introduce new initiative in the field of employment of underprivileged young people; to produce awareness-raising campaign by using media tools about necessity for social inclusion of young people from foster homes; to initiate creating new partnerships among foster homes and stakeholders. Aim of the media campaign is to raise public awareness about the problems of young people raised in foster homes, and also to raise awareness and knowledge of the employers about the abilities of these young perspective individuals and the advantages of employing them.

The project introduces new initiative in the field of employment, putting targeted countries in the accordance to European aquis. Project results:
1) Cooperation and networking established between foster homes, CSOs ad Government institutions;
2) platform for future cooperation between stakeholders and foster homes created;
3) media campaign produced; database of young people from foster homes seeking employment and employer interesting in employing youth is created;
4) unemployment among young people from foster homes reduced;
5) raised overall visibility of the issues about transition stress and uncertainty regarding young people from foster homes through PR activities used through project spokesperson.