Anita Juka


Anita Juka is a successful producer who started her own production company 4Film in 2003. In her 17 year career, she has produced 16 films and 9 European co-productions of different genres, including feature fiction, creative feature documentaries, shorts and recently one mini TV series. To her professional background a large number of produced European social awareness media campaigns and film literacy campaigns can be added, as well as 15 different international programs including Producers Lab Toronto, TransAtlantic Partners, eQuinoxe, Screen Ireland etc.  Her films have been supported by Eurimages, won more than 70 awards at film festivals and were distributed in more than 190 countries worldwide.

Her most successful film is “You Carry Me”, directed by Ivona Juka. This strong drama has had its international premiere at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, it has been invited to more than 20 film festivals around the world and been awarded with 17 international awards. “You Carry Me” was competing for the title of the Best European Film of 2015 and it was also the official entry for the 88th Academy Awards® for the Best Foreign Language Film. During the Oscars® campaign, the film was  applauded by Variety and The Hollywood Reported, which led to Netflix noticing the remarkable „You Carry Me“ and offering to buy world rights. In 2016, „You Carry Me“ became the first film, not only from Croatia, but from the whole region, to be bought by the gigantic VOD service – Netflix and at this point, it is available for 167 million people to watch.

Anita Juka has also produced  “Here” (by Zrinko Ogresta) which won Crystal Globe at 39th Karlovy Vary IFF, “Slovenian Girl” (by Damjan Kozole, delegate producer: Dane Hocevar) which was distributed in 18 countries worldwide, and “Facing the Day” (by Ivona Juka) which became the first feature documentary to ever win the Heart of Sarajevo at Sarajevo Film Festival.

She has produced the most successful Croatian fiction and creative documentaries that have won numerous awards at international festivals, but also achieved significant theatrical distribution in the Balkan countries. Among these are the creative documentaries “Facing the Day”, “Bad Blue Boys” and “Blue Rose Garden“.

She produced anthology film “Some Other Stories” which was presented at 30 International Film Festivals, and won four international awards. The goal of the film was to empower female directors from Balkan countries by making an anthology film with each story beign from a different ex-Yugoslavia country.

Anita Juka had the honor to be a member of a jury at an international film festival seven times – at Warsaw International Film Festival, Finale Plsen Film Festial, CEE Film Festival, Vukovar Film Festival, Filmschoolfest Münich, Transilvania International Film Festival and Star Film Festival.

In 2019, Anita was selected as one of the 20 best European producers by European Film Promotion program – Producers on the Move.

She is also working as an expert associate in Forbes Croatia.

Anita Juka is a board member of the European Film Academy.


  1. – “My private war criminal”, feature fiction film, Director: Ivona Juka

Producer: Anita Juka

 – in development

  • European Women’s Audiovisual Network Scriptwriter’s Residency Award
  • eQuinoxe Europe Script Development Programme
  1. – “BUTTERFLY VISION”, feature fiction film, Director: Maksym Nakonechnyi

Producer: Darya Bassel, Tabor Production (UA),

Co-producers: Anita Juka, 4 film (HR), Dagmar Sedlačkova,

MasterFilm (CZ)                                                                              

 – in production

  • supported by Eurimages
  • European Work in Progress Cologne ZOOM Medienfabrik Award
  • Transylvania Pitch Stop (RO) – Best Pitch Award
  • TERRARIUM script lab (UA)
  • Torino Film Lab Extended (IT)
  • The Write Retreat (ES)
  • Connecting Cottbus (DE)
  1. – 2021. „Being Related to John Malkovich“, feature documentary,

Directed by: Luka Mavretić  Produced by: Anita Juka, 4 Film d.o.o

  1. – “The Jungle”, feature documentary film, Director: Cristian Natoli,

Producer: Chiara Toffolo, Tesla Production (IT)

Co-producer: Anita Juka, 4 film (HR)

 – in postproduction

  1. “M”, feature fiction film, Director: Vardan Tozija,

Production: Fokus Pokus Films, Darko Popov

Co-production: 4film, Anita Juka

In My Courntry (XK), 2|35 (GR)

 -   IFF Thessaloniki`s Crossroads Co-production Forum award -   in post-production

  1. “The Dragon” (working title), feature fiction film, director: Ivona Juka, producer: Anita Juka, in development
  • EWA Award for the Best Script
  • eQuinoxe masterclass award

2020. - "Grandpa Guru", feature documentary film, director: Silvio Mirošničenko, screenwriters: Sanjin HAsanefendić, Silvio Mirošničenko, in development

  1. “Surrogate mother”, creative feature documentary, director: Silvio Mirošničenko, producer: Anita Juka, in pre-production
  1. – “Coastal Promenade”, creative feature documentary film, director: Silvio Mirošničenko, producer: Anita Juka, in production
  1. – “The Mysticism of Success”, TV documentary series, 10 episodes, director: Ivona Juka, producer: Anita Juka

2015 - “You Carry Me”, feature fiction film, director: Ivona Juka, producer: Anita Juka

- Available on Netflix - the first movie from the region picked up by the service for the whole world rights

Annual State Award „Vladimir Nazor“ - Ivona Juka won award for writing and directing „You Carry Me“

Mirko Kovač Award- award for best screenplay

United International Film Festival New York- Best Foreign Language Film Award

Filmski festival Herceg Novi- Montenegro Film Festival– official competition – Ivona Juka won award for the Best Director

Breza Award for Best Debutant (Helena Beljan) - Pula Film Festival – official competition, 2015.

Golden Arena for Best Visual Effects (Zoran Čulić and Nebojša Rogić) - Pula Film Festival – official competition, 2015.

Golden Arena for Best Music (Teho Teardo) - Pula Film Festival – official competition, 2015.

Golden Arena for Best DOP (Mario Oljača) - Pula Film Festival – official competition, 2015.

LET’S CEE Film Festival, 2015. - won award for the Best Feature Film

Avvantura Film Festival 2015 – The first and second film program – won the Grand Prix

Belgrade Film Festival 2016 –Lana Barić won award for Best Actress

SEEFF Award Best Actress to Nataša Dorčić  - South East European Film Festival à Berlin, 2017 

SEEFF Award Best Actress to Lana Barić -South East European Film Festival à Berlin, 2017 - International Young Jury

SEEFF Award Best Actor to Goran Hajduković  at South East European Film Festival à Berlin, 2017

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2015 – East of the West

Pool Film Festival, 2015.

Sarajevo Film Festival 2015– In Focus

International Film Festival in India (Goa), 2015.

Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2016.- official competition

Cleveland International Film Festival 2016. - official competition

The Festival of Slovenian Film Portorose, 2015

CinEast 2015 - Central and Eastern European Film Festival 2015

International Film Festival Tofifest, 2015.

International Women Film Festival ŠERŠĖLIAFAM – Litva, 2015.

Segovia European Film Festival, 2015

Transilvania International Film Festival, 2016.

Village Cinema (6th Integration Week in Vienna), 2016.

Chennai International Film Festival, 2016

Bengaluru International Film Festival, 2016

Sofia International Film Festival, 2016

Filmfest Műnchen, 2016.                                                                              

Film was also nominated by European Film Academy for the Best European Film among 55 best European films.

„You Carry Me“ was the official Montenegrin entry for the 88th Academy Awards®

2015- „If I Were Someone“, TV drama series, 7 episodes, 2015, 4Film Ltd., scriptwriter and director: Ivona Juka; producer: Anita Juka

2011 – “Romkom”, short fiction film, director: Zvonimir Rumboldt, 4film production, producer: Anita Juka

Montreal The World Film Festival, Official Selection „Focus on World Cinema“

  1. Pula Film Festival – official competition

“I need to concentrate” one-minute version of the “Romkom”

- Silver Award at Croatian One-minute Film Festival

2011 – “Bitter-Sweet”, documentary, director: Tomislav Fiket, producer: Anita Juka

2011 “Becoming Dad”, documentary, director: Stanislav Tomić, producer: Anita Juka

„Bronz Palm Award“ at Mexico International Film Festival

2011 – „Good night Missy“ , full length feature film, director: Metod Pevec, co-producer: Anita Juka, production company: Vertigo

  1. Pula film festival – National program – Co-productions

- Golden Arena for Best director

- Golden Arena for Best female leading role

- Golden Arena for Camera

- Young film lovers Jury Award

2010 – “View from a Well”, short fiction film that is part of “Some Other Stories”, anthology film, director: Ivona Juka, producer: Anita Juka

other directors: Hanna W. Slak (Ljubljana), Anamaria Ross (Belgrade), Ines Tanovic                    (Sarajevo), Maria Dzidzeva (Skopje)

co-producers: SEE Film Pro, Belgrade; Studio Maj, Ljubljana; Dokument, Sarajevo; Skopje Film Studio, Skopje; Dig Productions, Dublin

Television distribution: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway

Cinema distribution: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway

The anthology film „Some Other Stories“is invited to over 30 international film festivals until now, including:

Goteborg  Intl. Film Fest., January 2010

Warsaw International Film Festival – October 2010.

Montreal World Film Festival – August 2010.

Valladolid Film Festival – October 2010.

Cairo International Film Festival – December 2010

Mannheim-Heidelberg Intl. Film fest (Art of Cinema), November 2010

Kerala Intl Film Festival

Sarajevo Intl. Film Festival

Taormina Intl. Film Festival

Pula Intl. Film Festival

Athens European Film Festival

Montpellier, Mediterrenian Film Festival

Motovun Intl. Film Festival

Carthage,  Intl. Film Festival

Cinema City Novi Sad

Sopot Film Festival

Palić European Film Festival

Herceg Novi Intl. Film Festival

Vrnjačka Banja Film Festival

of screenplays

Niš Film Festival on Acting

Durres Intl. Film Festival

Mostar National Film Festival

Mojkovac Film Festival

Portorož Film Festival

Bitola Film Festival of DoP

Sidney-Melburn-Pert, Fest. of New Serbian Film


“View from a Well” („Pogled iz bunara“), short fiction film, 4 Film Ltd, scriptwriter and director Ivona Juka






2009 – “Slovenian Girl”, full length fiction film, director: Damjan Kozole, co-producer: Anita Juka

Delegate producer: Vertigo, Slovenia, co-producers: Four film (Croatia), NEUE MEDIOPOLIS, Germany, SCCA-, Sarajevo; Bas Celik, Belgrade

Cinema distribution: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Latvia, germany, Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, USA, Canada, Taiwan

Television distribution: Slovenia, USA, Canada, Australia

Sarajevo Film Festival 2009 - In Competition

Toronto Film Festival 2009 - Contemporary World Cinema

Reykjavik Film Festival 2009 - Open Seas

Bitola Film Festival 2009 - In Competition

London Raindance Film Festival 2009 - United States Of Europe

Portorož Film Festival 2009 - In Competition

Pusan Film Festival 2009 - World Cinema

Montreal New Cinema Film Festival 2009 – International Panorama

Warsaw Film Festival 2009 - In Competition

Valencia Film Festival 2009 - In Competition, Best Actress Award for Nina Ivanšin

Sao Paulo Film Festival 2009

Montpellier Film Festival 2009 - In Competition – Panorama

Kiev – Molodist Film Festival 2009 - Our Participants

Leeds Film Festival 2009

Cairo Film Festival 2009 - Festival Of Festivals

Thessaloniki Film Festival 2009  - Balkan Survey

Les Arcs Film Festival 2009 - In Competition - Best Actress Award for Nina Ivanšin

Tromsø Film Festival 2010 - In Competition

Trieste Film Festival 2010 - In Competition

Rotterdam Film Festival 2010 - Official Selection – Spectrum

Göteborg Film Festival 2010

Alpe Adria Trieste International Film Festival 2010

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

FICCO Mexico City International Film Festival 2010

East End Film Festival 2010, UK

Cleveland International Film Festival 2010

Cinequest International Film Festival 2010

Sofia International Film Festival 2010

Fribourg International Film Festival 2010

EU Film Festival Chicago 2010

New Europe Film Festival 2010 UK

CHP:PIX Film Festival Copenhagen 2010

Lecce Film Festival 2010 - In Competition

Munchen Film Festival 2010

2007 – “Mrs. Before”, short film, director: Miroslav Sikavica, producer: Anita Juka

Croatian Film Days 2007

Zagreb Film Festival 2007 – Cubes selection

FEST 2008 – Festival of short and Documentary Film

2007 - “Bad Blue Boys”, documentary, directed by Branko Schmidt, producer: Anita Juka

Television broadcast in Croatia and on YLE

Croatian Film Days 2007 – Best Screenplay Award

Sarajevo film festival 2007 – Official competition

Free Zone Belgrade 2007 – Official competition

6st CineDays Film Festival 2007 – Official Competition

Punto de Vista Film Festival 2008 – official competition

ZagrebDox 2008 - official competition

FEST Belgrade – official competition

Crossroads Festival, Lublin – official competition

HotDocs 2008 - official competition

Oberhausen International Film Festival – official competition

Hamburg International Short Film Festival – official competition

Dokufest, Prizren, Kosova - official competition

Split Film Festival – official competition

Uppsala International Film Festival – official competition

Cinema Verite" Iran International Documentary Film Festival - official competition

Jihlava International documentary film Festival

Verzio International Film Festival – official competition

Human Rights Film Festival Nurnberg

International Film Festival Rotterdam – After Victory Section

2006 – “Facing the Day”, feature documentary (72 minutes), director: Ivona Juka, producer: Anita Juka

Cinema release in Croatia and Macedoina, planned in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

TV distribution in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- 6. goEast Film Festival – Best Documentary Award

- Croatian Film Days 2006


- Best Editing

- OKTAVIJAN for Best Documentary – Croatian Film Critics Society Award

- Sarajevo Film FestivalHeart of Sarajevo for the Best Documentary

- DokMa International Film Festival,  MariborBest European Feature Documentary          Award

- Motovun Film Festival – Official Competition

- Dokufest, Prizren 2006 – Official Competition

- Libertas Film Festival, Dubrovnik 2006 – Official Competition

- Montreal World Film FestivalDocumentaries of the World

- 17th Ljubljana International Film Festival

- International Sofia film festival

- Sao Paolo International film festival –official competition

- Kalkuta film festival –official competition

- Author Film Festival, Belgrade 2008

2006 -  „Nafaka“ , full-length fiction film, director: Jasmin Durakovic, co-producer: Anita Juka

Delegate producer: FIST, Bosnia and Herzegovina, co-producers: Dream company, Belgrade,      Croatian Television

Cinema release: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia

Television distribution: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Swiss, Luxemburg, Israel

Sarajevo Film Festival, competition programme
Rio de Janeiro Int'l Film Festival, September 21st - October 05th, 2006, Panorama of World Cinema
Hamburg Film Festival, October 5th – 12th, 2006, Agenda 06
Zagreb Film Festival, October 16th – 21t, 2006, Official selection
Life Ljubljana International Film Festival, November 10 – 24, 2006,
Cairo International Film Festival, November 28th- December 8th, 2006
New Bosnian Cinema 2006 London, November 30th - December 3rd, 2006
Gothenburg Film Festival, January 26 – February 5, 2007
Prague International Film Festival Fabiofest, March 22nd - 30th, 2007

2006 - “Postcard from Croatia - EDITING”, short film for European Film Academy Awards Ceremony, director Ivona Juka, producer: Anita Juka

- Summer shorts - 2nd award

- BS ShortsGrand Prix

- Croatian Film Days 2008

- Nashville Film Festival 2007. – Official competition

- Rhode Island Film Festival 2007 - Official competition

- Brasilian Student film Festival – Official competition

- Palm Springs Short Film Festival 2007  – Official competition

- Interfilm Festival, Berlin 2007

- Barbados film Festival 2007

- Short Film Festival of India 2007

- Santa Barbara international Film Festival 2008

- Cleveland International Film Festival – Official competition

- Sapporo International short Film festival – Official competition

- California Independent Film festival – Official competition

2006 – “Blue Rose Garden”, documentary, director: Mladen Santric, producer: Anita Juka

Television screening in Croatia and Italy (RAI)

- 22nd Catholic Festival of Film and Multimedia – 3rd Award

- XI. International TV festival in Bar

- Best Documentary

- Best Director

- Document 5- International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Scotland) - Official competition

2006 – “Overload”, animation, author: Stiv Cinik, producer: Anita Juka

- Croatian Film Days  – Official selection

- 12th International Ourense Film Festival –Official selection

- Tindirindis 2007, Vilnius - competition program

- Balkanima 2007, Belgrade – Panorama of European film

- Filmfest Weiterstadt - Official selection

- Time Film Festival, Lausanne - official selection

2006 - “Look at me!”, documentary, directed by Vanja Juranic, producer: Anita Juka

- Croatian Film Days 2006 – Official Competition

2005 – “Lift”, animated film, director: Zrinko Ogresta, producer: Anita Juka

- Croatian Film Days 2006 – Official Competition

- Amiens Film Festival 2006 - Official Competition

- MedFilm Festival 2006 - Official Competition

Producer in Media Campaigns

  1. – “Pokreni kotač znanja” – social awareness media campaign for Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities Croatia
  1. Waste is not garbage” - Client: Town Split – 3 promotional videos, 1 animation video and 1 audio book.
  1. “Instructions in case of fire” – Client Croatian Firefighting Association – 4 promotional videos, 3 animation videos and 4 radio jingles.
  1. Young People in Croatia” – Client: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – media campaign about sociological research of young people in Europe and Croatia
  1. – “WhimsiFoil” – Client: Whimsitech
  1. –„Culture of living – urban“ – Client: Croatian Firefighting Association – media campaign about instructions for the careful separation of potentially flammable objects and behavior in case of fire.
  1. –„Culture of living - rural“ – Client: Croatian Firefighting Association - media campaign about instructions for the careful separation of potentially flammable objects and behavior in case of fire.
  1. – „Faces of Peaceful Reintegration“ – Client: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung- media campaign about anniversary of peaceful reintegration in Croatia.
  2. – „Facing the Past - Vukovar“ - Client: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung –a conference where young people discussed the past of Vukovar.
  1. – „Integration in Croatia“ - Client: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – media campaign about immigrants who live in Croatia.
  1. – „Digital Transformation“ - Client: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – media campaign about digital innovation.

2017.- „Workers“ - Client: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, media campaign on the conditions of workers of different professions in Croatia.

2017.- „The Path of Mine, Client: Hrvatski centar za razminiravanje – documentary film about landfill in Croatia.

  1. – “Vocation. Profession. Life.“ – documentary film
  1. – “Incineration of waste” –Client: Croatian Firefighting Association –proper waste management

2016.- „Working without mobbing“ – Client: NGO Mobbing - awareness raising media campaign about the right to work in an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence

  1. – „Whom does my property belong to?“ - Client: NGO Samozastupanje - awareness raising media campaign about importance of education people with disabilities about their right to their property
  1. - „Unstoppable“- this documentary features a group of Roma and non-Roma students talking about their experiences at school, the interactions and discrimination they encounter. They also talk about the inclusion of Roma children and Roma in Croatian society.
  1. Rusini“ – promotional video for minority Rusini in Croatia
  1. –„Equality“, media campaign about equality of women on the workplace.

2012 -  “From Foster to Prosper” – social awareness media campaign for employment of the young people who are leaving Foster homes

2011 – “Don’t Be Martian” – social awareness media campaign for Serbian minority in Croatia

2009 – “I need Love! – media campaign against corporal punishing of children for Ministry of Family, Veterans’ Affairs and Intergenerational Solidarity, part of international Council of Europe Campaign

2009 – “Get Involved!” – media campaign for participation of women in politics, co-financed by Embassy of Finland, Royal Netherlands Embassy, City of Zagreb and Government of Croatia Office for Gender Equality

2008 – “They Can Do Everything!” – media campaign for inclusion of women with disabilities in social life, financed by Ministry of Family, Veterans’ Affairs and Intergenerational Solidarity and City of Zagreb

2008- “Silence is Not Gold” – media campaign against gender-based violence for European Commission, co-financed by Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands; Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, Embassy of the Finland, Ministry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity and Care International

2008 – “Report Trafficking in Human Beings” – media campaign for Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights from Vienna, Austria, and Government of Croatia Office for Human Rights, financed by the European Commission

2008-   “Mediation” – campaign for British Embassy and Croatian Ministry of Justice, consisting of TV clip (30 seconds) and educational film (20 minutes)

2006 – “Report Violence Against Women” – TV spot shown on ARTE, financed by Croatian Red Cross; Croatian Parliament; Ministry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity; Government of Croatia Office for Human Rights; Ministry of the Interior; UNHCR; UNDP; OSCE; Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway; Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands

2006 – “Zagreb Airport”, corporate video

2005 – “Stop Trafficking in Human Beings”, for Government of Croatia Office for Human Rights

- Croatian Film Days 2006 – Official Competition

2005 – “Croatia - Mediterranean As It Once was”, for Croatian Tourist Board

- Das Goldene Stadttor 2006 – first prize at the THE GOLDEN CITY GATE - Berlin

- Croatian Film Days 2006 – Official Competition

- Karlovy Vary – 3rd prize at the Tourist film festival

2004 – “Stop Trafficking in Human Beings”, for Government of Croatia Office for Human Rights

- Croatian Film Days 2005 – Official Competition

2004 – “Tolerance Means Life”, for Government of Croatia Office for Human Rights

Workshops and lectures:

2019.-  Torino Film Lab – Storyediting Workshop

  1. 2019. – Torino Film Lab – TV series Workshop

2017- Trans Atlantic Partners 2017 – The program dedicated to offering experienced producers the skills to work transatlantic co-productions, aims to arm participants with necessary skills and relationships to successfully access international funding, creative talent and capitalize on international co-production opportunities.

2016- Toronto Producers Lab - an international co-production forum that gathers experienced feature film producers from across Canada and Europe where they discuss projects, build knowledge, grow relationships and support partnership-building for the financing, production and distribution.

2014 -  eQuinoxe - 15. Intl. Screenwriters'  Workshop & Master Class


Claire Dobbin, Deputy Chair of the international script development program eQuinoxe Europe e.V. and is a script advisor to international participants of the workshop. She has taught screenwriting at both the Victorian College of the Arts Masters program and RMIT Screenwriting program

James V. Hart, screenwriter and producer. His writing/producing credits include: HOOK (Steven Spielberg), BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA (Francis Ford Coppola) and CONTACT (Robert Zemeckis).

Neil Hunter has written and directed three feature films: BOYFRIENDS (Best feature film at Turin Lesbian & Gay Film festival), LAWLESS HART (Best Screenplay awards at the Evening Standard Film Awards and the British Independed Film Awards) and SPARKLE (nominated for Best Screenplay, Evening Standard Film Awards)

David Magee, screenplay writer of the Ang Lee’s lates film LIFE OF PI (9 BAFTA nominationas and 13 Oscar nominations). Magee also wrote FINDING NEVERLAND (11 BAFTA nominations and 7 Oscar nominations).

Susan Schulte, Head of the Drama Department for the German Ministry of Culture from 2002 to 2013. An excerpt of her awards include the 2009 First Steps Honorary Award for her work with young talent, the 2000 VFF Producer Prize, the Award of the Deutchen Akademie der Darstellenden Kuenste in 1989 and 1995, and in 1992 the Adolf Grimme Prize.

Martin Sherman, playwright and screenwriter. His plays have been produced in over fifty countries and include BENT, MESSIAH, A MADHOUSE IN GOA, WHEN SHE DANCED, and more. Martin’s screenplays include THE CLOTHES IN THE WARDROPE, ALIVE AND KICKING, BENT, CALLAS FOREVER, and more. He has been nominated for two Tonys, two BAFTAs and two Oliviers.

Michael Steinberg, graduate of UCLA Film School, professional writer, director and producer for 29 years. Some of his feature titles include: HELL RIDE, THE CAVE, THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, WICKED, THE WATERDANCE and more.

Gregory Widen, holds a Master’s Degree from UCLA. His feature film credits include original screenplays for the motion pictures HIGHLANDER, BACKDRAFT and THE PROPHECY, which he also directed. He’s also the author of the recently published 2013 bestselling novel BLOOD MAKES NOISE.

2013, Screen Leaders Programme - A Leadership and Strategic Company Development Programme for film, television, animation, post-production, digital media, sales and distribution company, organized by Irish Film Board.

2010 – eQuinoxe Master Class - 7.Intl Screenwriters Workshop.

Anita’s lecturers were:

Tim Squyres, editor of „Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon“, who was nominated for Oscar, „The Ice Storm“, „Sense and Sensibility“, „Gosford Park“etc. He cooperated with Robert Altman and he is regular associate of Ang Lee.

Martin Sherman – scriptwriter and playwright, twice nomanited for Tony, twice for BAFTA and twice for Oliver. His plays are performed on stages of over 50 countries and he cooperated several times with Ian McKellen, Alan Cumming and Richard Gere on Brodway. Vanessa Redgrave played in his plays, London's West End, and London's National Theatre and Brodway with Olympia Dukakis performed his play „Some Sunny day, Rose“.HE did numerous adaptatinos: Pirandello - „Apsolutely (Perhaps!)“, Čehova etc.

Scripts: „THE CLOTHES IN THE WARDROBE“ ( THE SUMMER HOUSE) with Jeanne Moreau, Joan Plowright and Julie Walters, „ALIVE AND KICKING“ with Jason Flemyng, Anthony Sher and Bill Nighy, film version of „BENT“ with Clive Owen, Lothaire Bluteau, Mick Jagger and Ian McKellen, then in directingi Franco Zeffirelli's „CALAS FOREVER“, „THE ROMAN SPRING OF MRS. STONE“ with Helen Mirren, Oliver Martinez and Anne Bancroft, and „MRS HENDERSON PRESENTS“ directed by Stephen Frears with Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins.

  1. M. Kit Carson – awarded scriptwriter/actor/producer, cooperated with independent and with Hollywoodskim studios on Disney, Paramount, Columbia and UA projects. He writes for Esquire, Rolling Stone, Variety, Texas Monthly, Film Comment, Gq. Member of „Who's Who“ US Writers, Editors & Poets. Hiis scripts are published in books – „DAVID HOLZMAN'S DIARY“ and „PARIS, TEXAS“.


Anthony McCarten – scriptwriter, director, producer. His play „LADIES NIGHT“ was translated to 12 languages and plays worldwide. In 2001 he received Moliere Prize in france for Best Comedy.  He did numerous adaptations of novels for film. He directed „VIA SATELLITE“, which is adaptation of his play. Film was in official selection of numerous festivals: Cannes, London, Seattle, Toronto etc. His latest script about prof. Sthephen Hawking and his first wife, under the working title „THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING“  is in pre production in Hollywod.

Laurie Hutzler – one of most famous script doctors, film theorist and consultant of cinema and TV productions. She cooperated with Paul Haggis, director of „CRASH“ on his films: „IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH“ and „QUANTUM OF SOLANCE“. She is a guest lecturer for scriptwriting on numerous USA and Euroepan universities, and she is regular dramaturgical consultant of BBC, Channel 4, ITV etc. After 10years as regular university professor at MFA program UCLA Film School, she is curently „Artist-in-Residence“ in Dallas, lecturing playwriting on-line, and besides numerous guest lectures, she is the author of literature about writing screenplays.

Susanne Schneider – playwriter awarded for best drama in Germany „WIR VERKAUFER“. Awarded for the Best script „FREMDE LIEBE FREMDE“ – Bavarian Television Award for Best Script, and her scripts „SOLO FOR CLARINET“, „FIRE RIDER“, „IN EINER NACHT WIE DIESER“ are nominated for awards at festivals in Germany and worldwide. She directed „THE DAY WILL COME“ which received Thomas Strittmatter Script Prize 2008. She teaches scriptwriting on film Academy in Baden Wuerttemberg-u and at Hamburg Media School.

F.R.A.M.E. – Future for Restoration of Audiovisual Memory in Europe, by Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, France

Berlin Talent Campus (a part of the international film festival in Berlin – Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin )

Nipkow program for media professionals, Germany