You Carry Me

Director: Ivona Juka

Screenplay: Ivona Juka

Producer: Anita Juka


Director of photography: Mario Oljača

Editor: Vladimir Gojun

Music: Teho Teardo, Nikola Božović

Cast: Lana Barić (Ives), Vojislav Brajović (Ivesin otac), Helena Beljan (Dora), Nataša Janjić (Lidija), Goran Hajduković (Vedran), Juraj Dabić (Jan), Nataša Dorčić (Nataša), Sebastian Cavazza (Marin), Filip Križan (Filip)

Lenght: 155min

Screen Ratio: 2.35 (SCOPE)

Sound: Dolby Surround

Language: Croatian

Genre: Drama

About the movie:

Dora is a neglected girl who dreams about becoming a football manager. Suddenly, her outlaw father enters her life and they build a close relationship. Dora shows an exceptional prowess in order to keep him in her life, regardless of the temptations which both are faced with.

Ives has no respite because her mornings start with care for her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Her life is filled with countless and exhausting errands. She is the hard working director of a popular soap who returns home each night to a father who sometimes can’t even recognize her. In her solitary life centered only on her job and the care of her father she loses the ground beneath her feet, and consequently finds herself in conflict with other people. Her plans of a better life are getting out of reach.

Nataša is a successful producer of a soap expecting a child with Marin, also a producer with whom she shares nothing but a joint venture. Their intimacy has waned. Sinister forebodings of her physical state are eventually being confirmed. When things go awry, she decides to confront her estranged father.

Three daughters battle for acceptance, redemption and new opportunities by living plots more intricate than the soap opera interconnecting them.

"You Carry Me" was nominated for the Best European Film 2015. by the European Film Academy. It was the official Montenegrin entry for the 88th Academy Awards® for Best Foreign Language Film. Ivona Juka received the most important annual award in culture in Croatia - the Vladimir Nazor award - for writing and directing the movie "YOu Carry Me"


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2015 („East of the West“ competition)

Pula Film Festival 2015 - Breza Award for best debutant, Golden Arena for Best Camera, Golden Arena for Best VFX, Golden Arena for Best Music

Filmski festival Herceg Novi 2015 - Golden Mimosa for Best Directing

Sarajevo Film Festival 2015

Avvantura Film Festival 2015 - Grand Prix for Best Film

LET'S CEE Film Festival 2015 - Best Feature Film

Festival slovenskog filma 2015

Tofifest 2015

Segovia's European Film Festival (MUCES) 2015

International Film Fest of India – Goa 2015

International Women Film Festival „Šeršeliafam“ 2015

Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2016

FEST 2016 - Best Actress Award - Lana Barić

Sofia International Film Festival

Filmfest München